What We Talk About When We Talk about Social Practice Art
April 10, 2014
The Living as Form exhibition is a landmark survey of a diffuse set of socially-engaged art practices that have steadily been gaining momentum since the 1990s. Originally produced in 2011 by the New York-based public art agency Creative Time and organized by curator Nato Thompson, the exhibition has now traveled to...
Review: Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast
April 02, 2014
In Arlene Shechet’s Meissen Recast at the RISD Museum, strips of clay lie in slag heaps atop intricately painted ceramic vessels. A delicate foot protrudes from the frilly underside of a petticoat. A figure lies trapped beneath a white kiln brick, splatters of pale blue and brown glaze leaking out like...
Review: Asylum at GRIN Gallery
November 15, 2013
Andrea Lynn Santos’ work evokes the spareness of this time of year, as leaves fall to the ground, windows are shut tight, and the sky is emptied of birds. As in the collograph print, My Bed, My Burden, it speaks to the desire to burrow under the covers and not emerge...
Foreclosed Dreams at Yellow Peril
June 13, 2013
In David H. Wells’ Foreclosed Dreams at Providence’s Yellow Peril Gallery, we see the material residue of dreams deferred, if not entirely scuffed out. The photographs, presenting a kind of archeology of the recent past, document houses in limbo, interior spaces gone to seed. Wells captures the home’s transition from the...

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